Monday, November 08, 2004

I Have A Curse...

This is actually an old post from the last time I tried to do this blog thingy. It's kinda funny, so I thought I'd post it again with some updates.

I have a curse. It's not an evil curse. It's not even necessarily a painful curse, but it is a curse none the less. Wanna know what it is?..........Bass Players.
Yup! Bass Players. Electric and upright- in punk, rockabilly, metal, indie, jazz, & alt-country bands. No matter what I do I am cursed with dating bassists.
It started in highschool, and now I'm 31. I think there have been a total of 3 boyfriends in that period who haven't played in drop D. One played mandolin-the other two played guitar. It's become such a running joke, that my girlfriends have offered to pay for me to have f-holes tattooed on my backfor my 30th birthday present.
It MUST be a curse. It has to be because this is the way it always happens: I meet a nice fella, everything is going great. When I finally get around to going over to his place BAM! There is a bass sitting in the corner of his living room (me:"Oh, gee ...I had no idea you played bass...." eyeroll). I can't escape it- I've tried to no avail. I am currently dating a bassist at the moment. We have been together for the last year and a half, and when I met him I had no idea he was...a bass player.

***Note: At least his band actually plays orignals (and an occasional, obscure, cover or two). Resident Genius just got picked up by Thick Records a small punk label outta Chicago with bands like the methadones, the Blue Meanies, and The Gadjits . I'm so proud of them! Now they can put the Howard Zinn split-album out...YAY!!!!

Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with the fella who likes to play the low-rhythm-end. It's just a curiosity-a peculiarity if you will-or a curse. I have a great love of music. My favorite thing to do is to go to a show and see a great band play. I'll drive for hours to get to a good show. I think the fact that so much of my free time revolves around music must be tied to the cause of this entrapment. The thing is, it's not any ONE type of music I listen to. It crosses all genres. I do have a tendency to pick out the bass line in any song, though. I mean I grew up being a dancer and a singer- I play no instruments myself. Do I pick out the bass line because it sets the rhythm for dance, or because I've spent endless hours at band practices picking out my boyfriend's parts in songs? Is it nature or nurture? Whatever...It's still a curse.


Blogger slimscorpio said...

so as a dancer, did you master the trufle shufle?

11:56 AM, November 08, 2004  
Blogger Bunny said...

Funny thing is I could probably do it for real, now. Heeeheeehee.
When they filmed that scene in Gonnies they had to clear the set because Jeff "chunk" Cohen was to embarrased to do it in front of an audience.
He actually turned out to be a pretty good lookin' guy though...check him out

12:51 PM, November 08, 2004  
Blogger slim said...

Yes, "Chunk" got hot!!! Id do him.

3:16 PM, November 09, 2004  

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