Monday, November 08, 2004

I Heart Lowbrow Art (& Kustom Kulture)...

For those of you who know me it comes as no surprise that I love rockabilly. In the course of my internet searches on this subject, I've found a lot of websites that I enjoy checking out. I've found a lot of really obscure galleries and art collections. The whole Lowbrow art movement, rockabilly (well, and punk, too), & kustom Kulture stuff seem to go hand-in-hand. Here is a link to my rockabilly club and some of my favorite sites for cool art and random silliness....

My Club: Rockbilly In The Midwest

La Luz de Jesus ... I love it! They have work by Aaron Marshall, who is one of my favorites.

Roq LaRue ... This gallery is in Seattle. Check out the Monster-a-go-go exhibit.

Outre'... These folks have great exhibits and you can order art books from their site.

Excellent Virtu-florida-art-gallery ...They have all the Neo Kaiju figurines on display!

Juxtapoze... A great magazine with new and oldschool lowbrow/pop/graphic artists.

Order Posters:
Gig Posters ...Amazing and unique concert posters.
Poster Pop ... Resource for Shag, Kozik, VonFranco, and more.

Check Out:
World Wide Retro ... Find and list events, get cool graphics and pinups, and you can even chat!

Atomic Magazine ...Lists cool events, pinups, venues and a gallery.
Sparechange Magazine ...Always the classic! Music, cars, pinups, album reviews and cool artwork.

Praise The Lowered ...Buy everything from Luchador (Mexican wrestler) bean-bag chairs to a "praise the lowered" Jesus T-shirt. Suh-Weet.

Trophy Queen... You can get great "tuck and roll" upholstered bags and guitar straps here. They aren't cheap, but they are unique handmade gifts you can customize.

Heavens No!...For the baby 'billy in the family. Tiny-flame bowling shirts and hand painted china shoes are the order here.


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Funny! I think I remember reading your "Bass Player" post before! Yes, the curse of the bass players...


11:03 AM, November 08, 2004  

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