Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I LOVE Lucha Libre!!!!

I Love Lucha Libre- or "free form" Mexican Wrestling!!!
This High-flying style of wrestling mixes it up for the fans with athletics, comedy, and showmanship all in one!

Lucha doesn't get much TV time here in the midwest (It's damn near impossible to catch a match unless you head out to LA). But....For those of you who admit to having watched WWE, you may have seen a couple of Luchadors- The great Rey Mysterio, and Ultimo Dragon (who is Japanese, but due to his size, started in Mexico to make his mark). You might also have noticed that whenever there is a big match, someone ALWAYS gets thrown onto the Mexican announcers table. Like I said- the fans love the high-flying action.

There is a whole sub-culture surrounding Lucha Libre. There are numerous comic books , figurines, and collectibles. In the 60's and 70's, there were a series of Mexican B horror flicks with wrestlers in them. The most popular of these were the SANTO/SAMSON films. One of my favorite bands- LOS STRAITJACKETS- sport their masks for EVERY show. LUCHA VA VOOM mixes burlesque with transvestite and midget wrestling. There is even cool site that sells beanbag chairs that look like wrestling masks. I've wanted one of these forever, but they are kinda pricey$$$.

Have you ever seen the WB cartoon MUCHA LUCHA? There is a great website where you can create your own Luchador and pit them in the ring against the kids from the show. It's too much fun!

To learn more about Lucha Libre go to http://www.romaprowrestling.com/learn.htm


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