Friday, January 14, 2005

We Know Where The Summer Goes....

Hahahaha. Okay, for those of you who were totally sick of:

A) Political campaign ad bombardment on television and radio through the past summer and fall (like Mr. Perry who's lyrics I quote)

B) If you've heard one campaign speech, you've heard them all

C) Feeling disenfranchised from any of the candidates you have to "choose" from...

Well, you could live in Iraq. The country is about to hold it's first democratic (?) elections. Evidently this is how they go about it...

In another piece lacking journalistic rigor, the Post's off-lead asks a few guys in a Baghdad cafe to give their opinions on the upcoming elections. The article's best moment is a nice description of democracy in Iraq-tion: "Candidates' names are not published, for fear of assassination. Rallies are few, posters are often torn down, and hardly anyone can describe a party's platform, much less its nominees." But almost everyone the reporter interviews supports the elections--a pattern the reported makes no attempt to explain (it's not mentioned, for instance, whether the men are Sunni or Shiite)--so we're left wondering why a half-dozen men in Baghdad should be representative of 23 million Iraqis.

(From SLATE1/14/2005)


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