Friday, November 19, 2004

Who's Afraid of the Club for Growth?

The most fearsome 527 has a bark much worse than its bite....

This is an interesting article by Timothy Noah. The so called "Christian/Conservative" right is one of the major funders of the Bush regime. They funnel money to the campaigns of Republican candidates that they deem "true" Republican (ie- anti-abortion, etc) to try and beat out other republican candidates that they deem "gypsy moths"- or Republican moderates. The Club for Growth is described as such:

"Since its inception in 1999, the Club for Growth has maintained a reputation for ruthlessness unmatched by other political action committees and soft-money 527 advocacy groups. (The Club for Growth is both.) The Philadelphia Inquirer has called it a "fund-raising pit bull of the conservative right." Grrr!

At the moment Sen. Arlen Specter, R.-Pa is on their shit list. He's a pro choice Republican "deviant". I like deviants (heehee). To read Mr. Noah's informative article go here


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